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Bite Block Kids is a DEET-free, Picaridin-based insect repellent that provides your children the ultimate everyday protection they need against mosquitoes that may carry the dengue virus. It is specially developed for your active child's defense during school time, play time, and outdoor fun time! Bite Block is the safer way to keep mosquitoes at bay!

- DEET-free, made with Picaridin

- Hypoallergenic

- Mild and safe for babies 6 months and up

- 6 hours of protection against mosquitoes and other insects

- Does not damage fabrics, surfaces, or materials

- FDA Registered (HSR # 8129)

- 100ml


Pour lotion onto palm and spread evenly on your child's exposed skin to effectively repel mosquitoes up to 6 hours. Re-apply as needed.

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