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Bright Starts Fancy Flower Activity GymBright Starts Fancy Flower Activity Gym
Gund Magical UnicornGund Magical Unicorn
Gund Gund Magical Unicorn
Sale price₱1,899.75
Baby Company Shape Sorter BallBaby Company Shape Sorter Ball
Baby Company Shape Sorter CubeBaby Company Shape Sorter Cube
Vtech Safari Sounds XylophoneVtech Safari Sounds Xylophone

Treat Your Child with Baby Play Toys from Baby Company

Baby toys and playtime is not just about fun, games, and entertainment. It is also about developing the little one’s visual, auditory, and tactile senses at a young age. With the help of toys with different textures, colors, patterns, and sounds, babies are bound to have the best play and learning time.

Newborn baby toys can start from plush toys to activity gyms, while infants and toddlers can take off with stacking toys and ride-on toys. Infant bath toys also promote enjoyable play in the water. Check out a range of baby toys and more at Baby Company!

Fun Toys for Baby Play

In the baby’s first year, they will start to learn about the interesting things around them using their senses. Babies are always wide-eyed for colorful toys dancing above and around them while laying in their cribs. Giving them toys such as rattles, nursery mobile, and activity gyms will help them recognize and grasp objects. 

As they grow older, playtime becomes more complex and coordinated. It is the best time to let babies stack blocks and play with big, interactive toys. Pick a bright set of toys that are pleasing to their senses, whether a new favorite ball, a stack and sort toy or mobile toys.

Playtime is indeed better with toys! Before purchasing baby toys, it is best to keep in mind the age guidelines on each toy. Make sure that it is suitable for the baby without any hazardous components or objects that can harm the baby.

At Baby Company, you’ll find everything your baby needs—from newborn essentials to baby play toys and more! Enjoy exclusive discounts on select baby products and toys. Shop by brand or price that fits your budget now! Visit Baby Company stores near you or online via

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