Tiny Buds Bundle (2 In a Rash & 1 Baby Acne Natural Soothing Gel 20g)

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Bundle includes 2 pieces In a Rash Natural Nappy Cream 20gms and 1 piece Baby Acne Natural Soothing Gel 20g

Apply on diaper rashes, allergies and skin irritations to relieve redness and swelling. Safe for sensitive skin and moms with PUPPP. Trusted by pediatricians.

Non-sticky formula
No harsh chemicals
Recommended by Pediatricians for sensitive skin

Baby acne is a common skin condition that develops on a baby's face. In addition, drool marks may cause dry and rough spots on both the face and neck.

Tiny Remedies Baby Acne is a light and soothing gel made with a blend of natural ingredients such as food grade Aloe Vera designed to soothe baby's delicate skin on Face, Neck & Baby.

Suitable for:

Baby Acne
Drool Rash
Neck Rash
Body Rash
Directions for use:

Apply the gel on clean skin as many times as needed. If condition persists consult a doctor.

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