Chicco Foxy Colorful Projection

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The Foxy 10064 color projector in the shape of a fox, which will introduce a mild and soothing mood before falling asleep, filling the room with star lights and relaxing melodies. Projection of light, colorful stars on the ceiling with automatic color change, and three melodies to choose from, which turn off automatically after 10 or 30 minutes will certainly calm the baby and give him sleep. Turn on / off projection or melody and volume control. The child tracks moving objects and begins to distinguish between shapes and colors. She is interested in vivid and contrasting colors. The child plays with sounds and notes while developing sensitivity to rhythm and music.

Product features:

color projector with melody
3 ways to use: night light, melodies, or night light with melodies
3 melodies to choose from
timer 10 or 30 minutes of light and melody
volume switch
automatic color change
on/off buttons

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