Huggies Natural Soft Pants Large, 44pcs x 3 Packs (132 pcs), Pants Diapers

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The UPGRADED Huggies® Ultra Pants! Huggies® Natural Soft Pants keeps baby dry and comfy by pulling wetness away for up to 12 hours, and providing premium comfort with a cushiony soft fit for your baby's waist and leg areas, made of 100% Imported Natural Cotton.

• Overnight absorbency - Provides up to 12 hours absorbency for baby's pleasant sleep through the night.
• Contains Natural Cotton material that is 100% imported to provide baby the softest embrace and comfort.
• Cushiony soft-fit - Ultra soft materials tenderly wrap baby's body especially around waist & leg area for extra comfortable fit.
• Speed dry comfort - 5-layer dry structure with magic gel quickly absorbs and locks the urine inside, helps ensure dryness on diaper surface.
• Advance leakage barriers - 2-layer leg guards gently embrace baby's thighs while maintaining effective leakage protection.
• Wetness indicator - Has yellow designs that turn blue when baby has urinated. This helps you know when it may be time for a change.
• Air-through comfort - New airy topsheet together with 100% breathable waistband allow multidimensional air circulation, keep baby's waist and bottom well-ventilated.

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