Mamaway Triple Absorb Instant Dry Disposable Nursing Pads

SKU: 10070162

Sale price₱419.00


These pads come with individually packaged and offer a comfortable and secure fit through the extra large adhesive tape and gentle curve shape. The absorption zones with draining grooves and leakage barriers draw moisture away from the nipple instantly, keep the top lining stay dry all the time

The super absorbent core holds 1.5 times more liquid than the previous version
The gentle curve for better contact with your breasts
Breathable top lining that stays dry and separated from the core even when wet
Individually packaged with zero human contact during manufacturing
Extra large adhesive strip to keep a pad in place
1 Pack contains 60 Pads
Material made of–
Breathable Lining: Ultra fine non-woven fiber
Absorbent Core: Natural fluff pulp, Super-absorbent polymer (SAP)
Waterproof Backing: PE

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