Pigeon Baby Training Toothbrush Lesson 2 Bundle with Pigeon Toothpaste Fruit Punch 45g

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Pigeon Baby Training Toothbrush Lesson 2

For babies from 8 – 12 months or 4 – 8 milk teeth

Co-developed with a leading paediatric dentist, Pigeon’s Training Toothbrush Lesson 2 is your baby’s next step to proper toothbrushing habits and movements. The fine elastomer bristle ends gently cleans baby’s teeth, while mimicking the cleaning motion of a regular nylon bristle toothbrush.

Pigeon Toothpaste Fruit Punch: 6 months - 3 years

Start your little one's proper oral hygiene as early as 6 months or when baby is ready to take solid food. Prevent tooth decay and promote healthy gums by using Pigeon Baby Toothpaste. It is especially formulated for babies and children because it's fluoride-free and made with no artificial flavors. 

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