Aprica Karoon Stroller - Multi-Dots

SKU: 10030251

Sale price₱18,999.00


Usage Period: newborn to 36 months (below 15 kg)
Stroller Weight: 3.6 kg
Seat height from floor: 43 cm
Seat recline position: 120-170 degrees

Soft and stable, its flat-bed design helps your baby breathe better and in a comfortable, natural position.
The seat can be adjusted with its stepless lay-flat adjuster€“just one soft pull and you can adjust the seat to match your baby's development.
Comes with comfy head protection gear, to avoid any strain in the neck or your baby's head from shaking about.
With its multi-directional shock absorbing structure, 3-D soft shock-absorbing wheels, and three-dimensional thigh belt, impact on baby is greatly reduced.
Canopy block out harmful UV rays, which protects your baby from the heat of the sun or the cold air, without making your baby uncomfortable.

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