Barney Microwave Sterilizer and Starter Kit with Free Bottle and Nipple Brush

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Color: Pink
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Barney Microwave Sterilizer and Starter Kit

The safest and easiest way to sterilize baby feeding bottles/accessories, feeding containers and nursery products.
Complete with Bottle Tongs.
Contains 6 Feeding Bottles.
Kills all household bacteria
Completely Free from Bisphenol A and Phalates.
Carefully made to the highest safety standards.
Dishwasher safe.
New and improved products.

For Bottle Brush
Material: Nylon bristles, metal rod is stainless steel.
Completely free from toxic, Bisphenol-A and Phthalates.
Suitable for all feeding bottles, teats, breast pumps, cups etc.
Unique design for safe keeping.
For easy cleaning and dishwasher safe.
2 effective ways for better cleaning.
Easy handle and finger grip at the most appropriate angle for ease of washing.
Nylon bristles enable thorough scrubbing and cleaning of bottle walls.
High density nylon tip effectively removes tough stains at the bottom of bottles.
Comes with a nipple brush to clean smaller areas of the nipples.
Non-toxic, Odorless and colorless.
Safe for babies.

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