Huggies Dry Pants Large 46pcs

SKU: 10089190

Sale price₱550.00


  • Make the Huggies Dry Pants switch and let your little one enjoy an all-around, dry comfort fit all day, every day!
  • Type: pants
  • Diaper size: large
  • Baby's weight: 9-14kg
  • Pieces: 46
  • Absorbs up to 7 cups
  • 100% breathable outer cover allows air to escape faster to help keep baby's skin drier and comfortable
  • Stretchable soft waistband for overall better fit to baby's curves
  • Double leak barriers provide extra protection against leaks at the legs
  • Overnight protection absorbs urine for up to 10 hours, helping your baby feel dry through the night
  • Clinically proven: helps prevent diaper rash

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