Huggies Dry Tape - Medium 72pcs

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Size: Medium
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"Absorbs Up to 7 Cups of Wee-wee
*1 cup = 1 wetting based on average urine volume corresponding to baby’s weight.

Clinically proven
Clinically proven to help prevent diaper rash with its breathable outer cover that allows air to flow through so baby's skin stays dry.
*HUGGIES® diaper formulation of dryness and breathability was clinically-proven on babies and met the criteria to significantly help prevent diaper rash or dermatitis. Akin et al, Pediatric Dermatology, 2001

Overnight Protection
Absorbs urine for up to 10 hours, helping your baby feel dry through the night.

All Around Cottony Softness
Cottony-soft to provide gentle protection for your baby's delicate skin.

Fast Absorb Technology
Absorbs wetness rapidly for leakage protection and dryness."

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