Huggies Justice League Dry Pants XXL - 36 Pads

SKU: 10090067

Sale price₱712.00


Why Huggies Dry Pants?

  • It provides a 100% breathable outer cover to keep your baby cool at all time
  • No more leakage because it has a double leak barrier for extra protection against leaks at the legs
  • It has a Blue Quick Dry Layer that absorbs fluid quickly to help keep the baby's skin dry
  • It is also designed with a Leak-Lock System that evenly distributes fluid throughout the pad and locks it inside providing up to 7 cups of absorbency and protecting your baby for up to 12 hours
  • It has a 5-way comfort fit to keep the baby's active movement comfortable
  • Provides an all-around soft garterized waistband and leg elastics for an underwear fit that adjusts with every baby's movements


Recommended Age of Use:

9 months +

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