Mamy Poko Extra Dry Tape Diapers XXL 28 pads

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A Mother's Care with Extra Loving Protection

Baby needs to sleep well to grow healthy and happy. MamyPoko, now with Stripes Pad sheet quickly absorbs and locks urine in for a much faster supreme dryness. Extra care for extra comfort. It's breathable cover releases heat and moisture to avoid dampness and protect baby's skin from irritation and rashes.

With Speed Air Wave for fast urine absorbency, so your baby can enjoy uninterrupted play times and will have no problem sleeping the night away.
MamyPoko Extra Dry tape diapers can absorb urine up to 12 hrs for worry-free nights.
All-around breathable for proper ventilation on baby's skin and to prevent any skin irritations.
Size Guide:

Newborn Newborn - 5kg
S 3-8kg
M 7-11kg
L 9-14kg
XL 12-17kg
XXL 15-25kg

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