Mom & Baby 6in1 Bottle Brush Set- Blue

SKU: 10092181

Sale price₱149 PHP


The Mom & Baby 6 Piece Bottle Brush Set is made from eco-friendly food-grade PP material, sponge, and nylon. Easy to assemble and take apart. The bottle brush has durable bristles and works on all regular-sized bottles. Its special-design sponge is made of soft foam to clean the entire surface of bottles. The nipple and bristle brush is perfect for nipples, smaller bottles, and pump parts. Its long and short straw brushes remove stubborn stains inside baby nipples, sippy cups, and other accessories.

The set is inclusive of:
2 Pcs Sponge & Bristle Bottle Brushes
2 Pcs Nipple Brushes
2Pcs Straw Cleaners.

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