Nuk Milk Powder Dispenser Violet

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The NUK Formula Milk Powder Dispenser offers a solution to one of the many frequent tasks parents face: measuring baby formula milk powder out precisely before preparing the feed. These handy Milk Powder Dispensers will help you to hygienically portion your formula milk powder in advance whether at home or out and about.

Featuring three separate individually closable dispensers which can be screwed together to save space, the dispenser also features a practical funnel in the lid to guarantee easy filling of baby bottles without wasting any formula milk powder.

Not only do they help make formula milk preparation easier for those family members who are not so used to preparing baby formula, they’re also super adaptable; why not use them to store small portions of cereal or fruit when your child is a bit older.

• Set of 3 stackable containers – each individually closable – that can be easily screwed on top of each other
• Formula milk powder portions can be easily poured into the baby bottle with the dispenser – no mess, no stress
• Made from high-quality PP (polypropylene) material
• BPA-free; phthalate-free
• Conforms to food safety regulations

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