Pampers Baby Dry Diaper Pants Extra Large 26 + 2 FREE Pads

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When your baby starts being more active, it’s important to have diaper pants that give superior, long-lasting rash-protection while minimizing sag to allow comfortable movement. Pampers Baby Dry Pants has front-to-back absorption to prevent skin contact with pee, has easy-on and easy-tear off features that make changing diapers simple, and an all-around snug fit and waistband to prevent leakage.

  • Pampers Baby Dry Pants - XL
  • Weight Capacity: 12-17kg or 26-37lbs (XL)
  • Front-to-Back Absorption: Pampers Baby Dry Diaper Pants has Magic Gel Channels that evenly distributes and locks away pee, protecting baby from excessive wetness.
  • Anti-Leak Guards: The diapers have a snug, anti-sag fit so that baby can move freely without leakage.
  • Anti-Irritation Layer: With baby lotion to protect baby’s naturally sensitive skin from diaper rashes.
  • Easy-On & Easy Tear-Off!: Pamper Diapers Pants makes changing easy for active babies
  • NEW! Magic Gel Channels: Evenly distributes & locks away wetness to prevent bulk & sagging
  • All-Around Stretchy Waistband: Moves with baby for a customized fit & helps prevent leakage
  • Breathable to Let Hot Air Out: Made with light & breathable materials to help air flow

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