Pampers Baby Dry Taped Diaper Newborn 40s

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Enjoy a happy time with your baby without the hassle of diaper wetness with Pampers Baby Dry tape diaper, which is specially designed to protect newborn delicate skin.

The diaper has lotion applied on the topsheet that can helps prevent skin rash caused by wetness.

Enjoy up to 12 hours of skin dryness with Pampers' Unique 3 Magic Gels Channels, the diaper has upgraded to minimize pee contact with skin by instantly absorbing the wetness to keep your baby's skin dry and comfy. It is up to 3x more absorbent and it evenly distributes pee so it doesn’t bunch up in the center – Less sag!

Pampers Baby Dry tape diaper has a soft air cottony-like cover that wraps your baby's skin with comfort and is also made with light & breathable materials to help air flow through & let hot air out.

The tape diaper also has 2x Stretchy Tapes that gently hugs baby for just the right fit and to help prevent leaks.

  • Newborn Size: For newborn babies up to 5 kgs in weight
  • Weight Capacity: Up to 5kg or 11lbs (NB)
  • Specially Designed to Protect Newborn Delicate Skin
  • Topsheet^ helps prevent skin rash (^Topsheet with lotion helps pull away rash-causing wetness)
  • Unique Magic Gel Channels - Locks away wetness to keep Baby's skin dry & comfy
  • 2x Stretchy Tapes (vs. unstretched tapes) - Gently hugs baby for just the right fit and prevents leaks
  • Wetness Indicator - Changes color from yellow to blue when baby has peed
  • Under high humidity, the color may change even when diaper is dry due to wetness in the environment. This does not impact the quality.

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