Pampers Premium Pants Diapers Medium 48 Pads

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With its 3D Absorbing Cushion, Pampers unique technology pulls wetness & runny poo away, which might otherwise cause a reaction on skin

Place of Origin: Japan


1. Open the diaper and raise the leak guard (inside ruffles).

2. Apply stretchy tapes on the landing zone evenly. Apply the tapes symmetrically, stretching side waist materials.- Tapes can be used overlapped- Before fastening, stretch the tapes first to soften the elastics- Apply so that tapes do not directly touch baby’s skin- You can refasten the tapes many times until you get the right fit

3. Arrange the diaper around the leg and waist. This will help improve fit and prevent leakage. Ingredients Surface materials: Polyolefin non-woven Absorbent materials: Polyester nonwoven, Polyolefin nonwoven, Fluff pulp, Absorbent polymer Waterproof materials: Polyolefin film Fastening materials: Adhesive tape Stretch materials: Synthetic rubber Adhesives: Hotmelt adhesives

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