Spectra Dual Compact Portable Double Breast Pump

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  • Portable
  • Dual motor
  • Standard Flange size - 24 mm
  • Rechargeable battery (can be used for up to 2 hours when fully charged)
  • LED display light (makes it easy to see the display even using in dark places)
  • Separated Letdown/Massage mode (5 suction levels) & Expression mode (12 suction levels)
  • Mute function (for buttons sound only)
    • Press the wavy button over 3 seconds to activate the mute mode
    • To cancel the buttons sound mute function, press the massage mode button for 3 seconds
  • Adjustable suction strength; as you increase the suction, the speed will slow down.
  • Closed system (backflow preventor prevents backflow of liquid which causes mold)
  • Suction Strength
    • Left – 300 mmHg max
    • Right – 300 mmHg max


Perfect for: working, traveling moms.



  • Comes with 2 breast kits (wide neck bottles, valves, flanges, tubing, backflow preventor)
  • BPA-free
  • Bottle material: Polypropylene
  • US FDA and European CE registered and approved as a personal-use breast pump
  • 2 years warranty for pump motor and charger


Know your right flange fit

Please check your nipple tip after breastfeeding and compare it against a 25 centavo coin.

  • if the nipple tip is smaller or the same as 10 cents, get 20mm
  • if the nipple tip is smaller or the same as 25 cents, get 24mm
  • if the nipple tip is bigger than 25 cents or the same as P1 coin, get 28mm
  • if the nipple tip is larger than P1 or the same as a P5 coin, get 32mm



  • Charging time: initial charging time of 4 hours while the pump is turned off.
  • Subsequent charging – charge only until the battery is full and while the pump motor is off. Do not overcharge or this will drain the battery.
  • Fully charged battery life lasts 2 hours worth of pumping time

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