Taf Toys All Around Me Activity Hoop

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Unique Product for Newborns and up.
A round hoop that circles baby and provides him with plenty of age matched activities to encourage practicing a variety of body positioning while playing.
Exploring the delightful textures and sounds will aid to promote baby’s senses, motor skills and cognitive development.

•Encourage baby to lie in different poses and strengthen muscles for pivoting and crawling.
•24 developmental activities
•For 3 developmental stages:
stage 1 (0-2m): Featuring Rainbow baby safe mirror and four felt art cards with high contrast illustrations to promote baby’s vision while side lying.
Stage 2 (2-3m): Featuring 4 colorful felt art cards, round double sided Koala soft panel with crinkle filling and a weighted textured leaf filled with plastic beans.
Promote baby’s gross motor skills and vision development while lying on back/side lying /tummy time.
Stage 3 (3-5m): Featuring rattle ring with string ties, snail rattle with teether and a cushiony squicking plushed koala toy with a fluffy fabric, crinkle, ribbons and a baby teether.
Promote baby’s fine motor skills and encourage him to reach out & grasp while lying on back/side lying /tummytime.
•Playing with the diffrent toys encourages baby’s senses development, fine and gross motor skills and eye-hand coordination.

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