Taf Toys Koala Car Wheel Toy w/ Sounds & Lights

SKU: 10092012

Sale price₱1,899.00


The car wheel toy is designed to keep little ones entertained whilst traveling in a forward facing car seat, allowing baby to imitate the driver’s actions.

• With a clicking steering wheel, ratcheting gear lever, a baby-safe mirror and lots of buttons to press with funny car sounds, lights and melodies.
• Easily attaches to the front seat headrest poles, for baby’s reach and for keeping in place while not in use.
• Baby develops imagination and emotional intelligence by imitating the driver’s actions.
• Rotating the steering wheel and gear lever and pressing the various buttons, help develop baby’s motor skills.
• Helps keep baby calm and entertained on car rides, for Easier Drive and Easier Parenting!

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