Tiny Buds Baby Oil Set

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Bundle includes 1 piece Hicc-Off Baby Oil 30ml, 1 piece Stuffy Nose Chest Rub Massage Oil 30ml, 1 piece Calm Tummies Baby Massage Oil 30ml and 1 piece Sleepy Time Natural Baby Massage Oil 50 ml

Natural Remedy for Baby's Colic.

*Made with Natural Ginger & Fennel
*Helps Relieve Gas Discomfort
*Massage Back or Stomach
*Best used after warm bath or tummy time
*Helps relax stomach from Colic, *Gas, Kabag
*Pedia Trusted

Sleepy Time is easier with this Natural Baby Massage Oil

Made With Chamomile & Lavender Oil
Perfect for Baby Massage
Use Before Naps or Bed Time
Calming scent helps baby fall asleep
100% No Harsh Chemicals
Easily Blends into Skin
Can be used by Moms too!

When babies make this sound it can interrupt playing time and feeding patterns.

Hicc-Off is a premium baby oil specially made with natural sunflower and refreshing peppermint that are suitable for baby's skin


Stop feeding for now
Rub a coin-sized amount of oil between palms to create heat
Apply the oil on baby's back and gently burp baby

Rub a coin-sized amount of oil between palms to create heat
Massage Oil on baby's bottom feet, upper back and armpit area

NOTE: No need to use this oil daily. Only when you hear baby's hic hic hic!



Mineral oil is a by-product that is derived from refining crude oil that is further used for making petroleum-based products and gasoline. When the skin’s surface is covered with a layer of mineral oil, the skin is not able to breathe. It tends to clog your baby’s skin pores that, in turn, suffocate the skin and lead to dryness & irritation.

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Tiny Remedies Stuffy Nose Chest Rub is specially made with natural essential oils to comfort baby & kids with tiny colds and stuffy noses.

Natural Ingredients
Safe for Sensitive Skin
Massage on Chest & Back
Safe for Babies 6 Months & Up
100% Petroleum Free
100% Menthol & Camphor Free
Promotes Restful Sleep
Use After Bath or Before Bed

Directions for use:

Massage oil onto baby’s chest in gentle circular motions. Take care to avoid the eye & face area.

Best used together with Oh! Nose Red Nose Soothing Gel

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