Tiny Buds Bundle (Tiny Chewbrush, First Tooth! Natural Teething Gel 20g)

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Bundle Includes 1 piece Chewbrush Teether and Toothbrush in one and 1 piece First Tooth Natural Baby Teething Gel 20gms

Special design fits perfectly into baby's mouth. Made with super-soft BPA-free silicone that massages gums and teeth while baby chews it. Trusted by pediatricians and dentists to build good oral habit.

Apply a small amount of Tiny Fangs Toothgel to use
Chewing stimulates increased IQ production
Can be used as a teether
Can be cleaned in the sterilizer too

Moms can ease baby’s teething discomfort safely with this cooling and soothing gel. Chill in the refrigerator and apply on baby’s gums for quick relief

*Helps Ease teething discomfort quickly
*Has yummy apple taste
*Trusted by Pediatricians
*Safe if Swallowed
*SLS & Paraben Free
*No artificial color

1. Store in the fridge & use while cold for best results
2. Squeeze a pea-sized amount of teething gel
3. Apply gel on baby’s gums. Be gentle to avoid choking
4. You can also apply it on the Tiny Chewbrush & let baby chew it themselves
5. No need to rinse

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