Toddler Dining Set + Training Cup

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Marcus & Marcus Toddler Dining Set includes a Yummy Dips Suction Divided Plate and a set of Palm Grasp Spoon & Fork. Palm Grasp fork and spoon set is shortened and turn the handle 90 degrees so the utensils will fit more easily into a toddler’s palm grip. Yummy Dips Suction Plate is divided into recommended portion sizes for easy meals and features a dipping compartment for delicious condiments. This makes self feeding easier and much more enjoyable.

Marcus & Marcus developed the silicone Training Cup with a nonslip grasp design that prevents the cup from slipping out of your toddler’s little hands while they get accustomed to an adult-sized cup. Our training cups are made of BPA free and Phthalate free silicone that is shatter proof

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