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Ever watch your little one with awe, eager to see them conquer that next big developmental milestone like crawling or walking? Before they even begin to move on their hands and feet, there's a foundational chapter in their developmental story: tummy time.

For new parents like you, we’re here to help you guide your little one through tummy time. Read on to learn more about baby’s tummy time and how you can make it easy for them!

What Exactly Is Tummy Time for Babies?

It's simply placing your baby on their tummy while they're awake and supervised. It might not sound like much, but this seemingly simple activity helps build strength, coordination, and motor skills that are crucial for all sorts of future developmental milestones, like rolling, crawling, and even walking.

The benefits of tummy time also include avoiding flat head syndrome, which can occur when a baby spends too much time lying on their back. This is also a great way for babies to explore their surroundings. When they are on their stomachs, they can see more of the world around them, stimulating their senses.

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Getting Started With Tummy Time

If you’re wondering when babies start to roll over, most learn to roll from their back to their tummies by 3 to 6 months old, while some babies may roll or crawl earlier or later than the average, and that's perfectly normal.

Here are some ways you can encourage your baby to roll over with the help of Baby Company:

1. Set up a comfy space for them to roll or crawl

Provide a clean, clutter-free area where your baby can comfortably lie on their tummy. Lay out a comfortable blanket or a baby play mat where babies can roll over and crawl. Make sure the area is well-lit and free of distractions. You may also want to place a soft pillow or rolled-up towel under your baby's chest to help them maintain a neutral spine. 

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2. Start small

Once you have chosen a spot, gently place your baby on their tummy. Start with them laying on their side for a few minutes before transitioning to their tummy. Allow your baby to lay on their tummy for short periods and gradually increase the length of time as your baby gets stronger. If your baby is fussy, you can try bouncing them gently on your knee or singing a soothing song.

3. Give them stimulating toys

Place colorful toys within their field of vision, but just out of reach to encourage them to push up and reach. Choose toys that are brightly colored and have different textures, such as soft plush toys, crinkly toys, and rattles. You can also opt for a baby activity gym or a rolling mirror to encourage them to look up and reach for them.

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B. Rolling Mirror

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4. Varied tummy time positions

Don't just leave your baby in one position for the entire tummy time session. Instead, try different positions, such as on their belly, on their side, or propped up on their elbows. This will help to engage different muscle groups and promote a well-rounded physical development experience. 

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What You Need To Remember

While it's tempting to dive headfirst into tummy time, remember that tiny humans come with tiny attention spans and delicate emotions. These milestones come when the baby is ready. 

Consistency is also key, mommies! Aim for several short tummy time sessions throughout your day, then gradually increase the duration as your baby grows stronger and more comfortable in this new position. Always keep your eyes on your little one, even during brief tummy time sessions. If your baby gets overwhelmed, hit pause and try again later. 

The Takeaway

Tummy time helps babies build essential skills like rolling and crawling. Start small, make it fun with playtime toys and gear, and be consistent, so you can celebrate every wiggle and wobble of your little one. We hope these tips help your little one roll and crawl with confidence and joy! 

Check out Baby Company's awesome selection of playtime toys, activity gyms, and plush toys for tummy time. These stimulating must-haves will help your baby grow and learn. Visit the nearest Baby Company store or shop online to set your little one up for developmental success! 

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