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Nursery & Décor

Enfant SwaddleEnfant Swaddle
Enfant Swaddle
Sale price₱1,300.00
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Vtech Lullaby Sheep Cot LightVtech Lullaby Sheep Cot Light
Vtech Lullaby Sheep Cot Light
Sale price₱1,500.00 Regular price₱1,899.00
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Joie Kubbie Sleep PlaypenJoie Kubbie Sleep Playpen
Joie Kubbie Sleep Playpen
Sale price₱8,000.00 Regular price₱8,999.00
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Baby Company Round FloormatBaby Company Round Floormat
Baby Company Round Floormat
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Enfant Blanket with HoodEnfant Blanket with Hood
Enfant Blanket with Hood
Sale price₱570.00
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Cuddlebug Fontana 2in1 Convertible Crib, White/Honey
Castle 4 pc 28x41 Comforter Set - Ocean Jewel
Bloom Hooded Unicorn Fleece Blanket 45x34in. - BeigeBloom Hooded Unicorn Fleece Blanket 45x34in. - Beige
Bloom 24 x 25in Quilted Hooded Blanket in PinkBloom 24 x 25in Quilted Hooded Blanket - Pink
Enfant #612 Bamboo Swaddle 120x120, Yellow FruitEnfant #612 Bamboo Swaddle 120x120, Yellow Fruit
Chicco Goodnight BearChicco Goodnight Bear
Chicco Goodnight Bear
Sale price₱1,499.00
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Castle For Baby Toddler Bolster 8x26 Hero Bebe Bat
Castle For Baby 4-Piece Bedding Set 28x41 - Lovely
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Yookidoo Fiesta Playmat to BagYookidoo Fiesta Playmat to Bag
Yookidoo Fiesta Playmat to Bag
Sale price₱2,699.10 Regular price₱2,999.00
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Bloom Maternity Cuddle Pillow with Case
Bloom Maternity Cuddle Pillow with Case
Sale price₱1,600.00 Regular price₱1,999.00
Baby World 22-piece Playmat with Bumper, Blue, 30x30cmBaby World 22-piece Playmat with Bumper, Blue, 30x30cm
Cuddlebug Vernon 3-in-1 Convertible Crib, White/Coffee
Bloom 3 pcs Blanket SetBloom 3 pcs Blanket Set
Bloom 3 pcs Blanket Set
Sale price₱499.00
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Giant Carrier Playpen GeofreyGiant Carrier Playpen Geofrey
Giant Carrier Playpen Geofrey
Sale price₱7,700.00 Regular price₱10,999.00
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Giant Carrier Playpen CandyceGiant Carrier Playpen Candyce
Giant Carrier Playpen Candyce
Sale price₱2,940.00 Regular price₱4,199.00
Chicco Next2Dreams Blue Version
Chicco Next2Dreams Blue Version
Sale price₱2,199.00

Create a Baby Sleep Haven For Your Little One with Baby Company 

Welcoming a new bundle of joy into your life is a momentous occasion filled with joy and excitement. As a new parent, ensuring your baby gets the best sleep possible is a top priority. A peaceful and comfortable sleeping environment is essential for their growth and well-being. 

When it comes to prioritizing our baby's welfare, we need something to rely on for trusted brands of products and that's where Baby Company comes in. Our delightful collection of nursery decor items is designed to create a serene sleep haven for your little one. 

Why A Calm and Comfortable Environment is Important

As any new parent knows, sleep is crucial for a baby's healthy development. A calm and comfortable sleep environment can significantly impact their sleep quality, leading to better rest for both baby and parents. Not only does Baby Company understand this need, but they also have curated a collection of nursery decor that fosters relaxation and tranquility.  

Baby Crib Sets

One of the essential elements of a baby's sleep environment is the crib set. We provide a delightful assortment of crib sets and playpens featuring adorable designs and made from high-quality materials. These baby crib sets not only add charm to the nursery but also offer a safe and snug space for your little one to rest peacefully.

Baby Beddings and Pillows

Another crucial component of the perfect sleep setup is a comfortable baby sleeping bed. We offer a diverse selection of baby beddings, pillows, swaddles, and blankets, designed to cradle your baby in comfort and provide ample support.  

Putting together a peaceful and comfortable sleep haven for your baby is an essential part of parenting. With our nursery decor collection, you can easily transform your little one's sleeping environment into a dreamy sanctuary. Make sure to explore our top brands such as Cudddlebug Crib, Bloom, and Castle for all your nursery decor needs.

So, embrace the joy of parenthood and invest in the best for your little one's sleep with Baby Company's nursery decor! Shop online now or visit the nearest Baby Company store.

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