Nursery & Décor

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12-pack Children's Hangers12-pack Children's Hangers
Dynaplas 12-pack Children's Hangers
Sale price₱130.00 Regular price₱169.00
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16-clip Square Hanger16-clip Square Hanger
Cascade 16-clip Square Hanger
Sale price₱100.00 Regular price₱149.00
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Bloom Flannel Blanket 30x30 4pc setBloom Flannel Blanket 30x30 4pc set
Bloom Bloom Flannel Blanket 30x30 4pc set
Sale price₱50.00 Regular price₱499.00
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Disney Frozen ChummiesDisney Frozen Chummies
Disney Disney Frozen Chummies
Sale price₱150.00 Regular price₱249.00
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40-piece Geo Triangle Playmat Set40-piece Geo Triangle Playmat Set
Baby Company 40-piece Geo Triangle Playmat Set
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Enfant 120x120 Bamboo Swaddle
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Bloom 2 Piece Sleepsuit BagBloom 2 Piece Sleepsuit Bag
Bloom Bloom 2 Piece Sleepsuit Bag
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Cascade 36-clip Umbrella HangerCascade 36-clip Umbrella Hanger
Cascade Cascade 36-clip Umbrella Hanger
Sale price₱300.00 Regular price₱399.00
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Bloom Baby Head Shaping PillowBloom Baby Head Shaping Pillow
Bloom Bloom Baby Head Shaping Pillow
Sale price₱80.00 Regular price₱100.00
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Enfant #636 Bamboo Swaddle 120x120, FlamingoEnfant #636 Bamboo Swaddle 120x120, Flamingo
Enfant #629 Bamboo Swaddle 120x120, NatureEnfant #629 Bamboo Swaddle 120x120, Nature
Uratex Comfort Quilt Crib Mattress 24X42X4Uratex Comfort Quilt Crib Mattress 24X42X4
Uratex Purifoam Crib Mattress 28x52x4Uratex Purifoam Crib Mattress 28x52x4
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Bloom White Quilted 28x52 Waterproof Mattress ProtectorBloom White Quilted 28x52 Waterproof Mattress Protector
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Cocomelon Bolster Pillow 40x36Cocomelon Bolster Pillow 40x36
Cocomelon Cocomelon Bolster Pillow 40x36
Sale price₱199.00 Regular price₱249.00
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Bloom Pack of 3 Muslin Blanket - Hedgehog
Bloom Bloom Pack of 3 Muslin Blanket - Hedgehog
Sale price₱500.00 Regular price₱799.00
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Bloom Cotton Hooded BlanketBloom Cotton Hooded Blanket
Bloom Bloom Cotton Hooded Blanket
Sale price₱150.00 Regular price₱299.00
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Bloom Memory Foam Head Pillow, Pink
Bloom Bloom Memory Foam Head Pillow, Pink
Sale price₱300.00 Regular price₱499.00
Uratex Comfort Quilt Crib Mattress 28X52X2Uratex Comfort Quilt Crib Mattress 28X52X2

Shop for Your Baby’s Nursery Decor at Baby Company

New parents are under a lot of stress and anxiety, wondering how they’re going to keep their baby safe and comfy while they process all of the baby-related information. From registering your new baby online to buying a crib, everything you need is in front of you. But until you have your adorable little bundle of joy, you need some cozy, comforting decorating ideas and products. 

Decorate Your Nursery Room 

When it comes to decorating your nursery, there are many products on the market that promise to make your child’s space look special—and some of them even claim to do so without any extra effort on your part! A baby’s nursery shouldn’t be some fancy hotel room where everyone is drinking fancy wine and sipping fancy coffee; instead, it should be a safe space where your baby can feel at home. 

Fortunately, adding a few baby decors to the nursery can help make that happen. Baby Company's baby nursery essentials, furniture and nursery accessories can add the perfect touch to any nursery. Whether you choose to hang one large poster or a few pieces of furniture in the room, the key is to make the space feel comfortable. 

Aside from furniture, you can also decorate your baby's room with floormats and pillow sets from Baby Company. These items are not just attractive, these are also useful for when your baby is a bit older and would want to crawl around. 

The nursery is the perfect place to bond with your new baby. You don’t have to overthink it or spend a fortune on decorating—in fact, you can always stay as budget-friendly as possible. The most important thing is to keep your baby safe and happy and to make your space a source of comfort and love for them. 

For your baby nursery décor and baby room décor needs, look no further than the nearest Baby Company store in your location. You don't need to shop around or take a long drive for your baby's essentials too. You can now place your orders online via!

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