Anti-Dengue Tips: Protecting Your Baby Against Dengue

It’s dengue season again. Parents know very well how dengue affects family members of all ages—adults and kids alike. Caring for a child with dengue is not easy, which is why it is important to be knowledgeable about dengue and recognize its early warning signs. 

Here are things you need to know about dengue and some anti-dengue tips for parents like you who want to protect their little ones from the disease.

What is dengue?

Dengue is a fast-spreading disease caused by virus-carrying mosquitoes. It is common in tropical countries such as the Philippines and can cause fever, rashes, and body pain, ranging from mild to severe symptoms. While some dengue cases can be treated at home, others may require immediate hospital care. 

Classified as a year-round tropical disease, this viral infection affects most children and infants. When dengue hits young kids, it can be difficult to recognize common symptoms and mistake them for isolated illnesses. There is no specific treatment for dengue which is why it’s important to know how you can manage dengue symptoms in toddlers and young children and keep them protected from the disease.

Early signs of dengue in kids 

As parents, having better knowledge about the common symptoms of dengue can help in treatment and prevention, especially if the patient is your baby. Common dengue symptoms in babies and young children are the following:

  • Fever
  • Rash all over the body
  • Severe headache, body pain, fatigue
  • Restlessness, irritability, or lack of energy
  • Bleeding in the gums or nose with some bruising
  • Nausea and persistent vomiting

These symptoms can start from four days to two weeks after the mosquito bite and can last up to seven days. If you think your infant may be developing dengue symptoms, it is always best to call your doctor right away for a diagnosis.

When caring for your sick infant, dengue treatments at home start by controlling fever with oral medicine for kids. Don’t forget to give your baby an adequate amount of fluids such as water to avoid dehydration. 

How to Safeguard Your Children from Dengue

Mosquitoes carrying the dengue virus can bite any member of the family at any time of the day. Here are easy ways to prevent dengue-carrying mosquitos at home and outdoors:

1. Apply Mosquito Repellent

Make sure you can apply insect repellent to your child when going outside. Mosquito repellent for kids comes in different types such as lotion, patch, and spray. Lotion and spray such as Bite Block repellent are best applied to the exposed skin, while patches are ideal to put on clothes.

Smart Steps Stages Mosquito Patch
Smart Steps Stages Mosquito Patch


Citronella-based mosquito patches for the baby are safe to use even on strollers or cribs. In case of insect bites, there are after-bite topical treatments to soothe the affected skin such as Tiny Buds After Bites Natural Soothing Gel.


Tiny Buds Gone Away Set
Tiny Buds Gone Away Set


2. Use Mosquito Nets

While insect repellent is among the preventive measure against mosquito bites, it is not recommended for newborns. Instead, use baby mosquito nets that are made from a mesh material. 

You can cover strollers, baby carriers, or baby cribs with a mosquito net to keep your child safe from pesky insects and bugs. Sleeping under a mosquito net when traveling is also recommended.


Looping Squizz Mosquito Net


Looping Squizz Mosquito Net

3. Wear Long Sleeves When Outside

Dress your kids in clothes that cover their arms and legs like a loose long-sleeved top and pants. It provides extra protection from insect bites especially when outdoors.

4. Keep Surroundings Clean

Take steps in controlling mosquitos indoors and outdoors. Keep windows and doors closed or use a screen door when inside your home. Empty vases, planters, trash bins, and pools of water at least once a week to avoid mosquitos from laying eggs in stagnant water. Use outdoor insect sprays to eliminate mosquitos in areas of your home.

Prevention is always better than cure. Applying extra precautions wouldn’t hurt when you are protecting your children from diseases such as dengue. Take note of these anti-dengue tips to prevent dengue fever in your family.

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