Easy Guide to Introducing Solid Foods to Babies

When it comes to feeding your baby solids, there are a few essential tips and items you must know and have. In this guide, we'll be discussing everything you need to know about baby feeding sets and the different types of products available at Baby Company.

When Can Babies Eat Solid Foods?

Experts recommend that babies start on solid foods at around six months. This is when they are developmentally ready to sit up in a high chair and start eating solids. Before this time, babies should only be given breast milk or formula.

In addition to being developmentally ready, there are some signs that your baby may be ready for his/her first solid food. These include:

  • Baby is able to hold their head up and sit with support.
  • Baby shows interest in what you're eating.
  • Baby can pick up small objects and put them in their mouth.
  • Baby can already move their tongue from side to side.

It's important to note that all babies are different, and it's perfectly normal for them to start solids earlier or later. Talk to your pediatrician if you have any questions or concerns about when to start solid feeding your baby.

Feeding Solid Foods to Your Baby

Feeding your solid baby foods can be a fun and exciting experience. It's important to remember that it can also be messy, so it's best to be prepared. Here are a few helpful tips:

  • Start with small amounts. It's best to start with small amounts of food and slowly increase as your baby gets used to eating solids.
  • Offer a variety of foods. Babies should be exposed to a variety of flavors and textures as it will help them become accustomed to different tastes. Try different fruits and vegetables one at a time as your baby’s first solid food. But be on the lookout for possible food allergies that they may develop.
  • Take your time. Eating should be a fun and relaxed experience for both you and your baby. Don't rush them and let them explore the food at their own pace. 
  • Let them feed themselves. Once your baby is ready, let them try feeding themselves. This will help them learn how to eat and give them a sense of independence.

Feeding your baby’s first solids can be a fun and rewarding experience. Just remember to take your time and go at your baby's pace.

Types of Baby Feeding Sets from Baby Company

In feeding your baby, there are a few essential items you'll want to have on hand. Baby Company offers a wide variety of baby feeding sets that are perfect for your little one!

Baby Food Feeders 

Baby fruit feeders are perfect for introducing your baby to solids. They are designed with a mesh pouch that allows you to easily feed your baby purées or mashed fruits and vegetables. Its teat-like pouch also helps prevent your baby from choking on large pieces of food. 

In addition, fruit feeders are great for teething babies, as they can chew on the mesh pouch and soothe their gums. It also allows parents to introduce different flavors and textures to their babies.

Sip and Snack Cups

Sip and snack cups are perfect for on-the-go feeding. They come with a straw and a lid to help prevent spills. They're also great for storing snacks or purees for later. It is a great way for babies to learn how to drink their milk from sip and snack cups as they grow older.

Silicone Baby Bibs

Baby bibs are essential for keeping your baby clean during mealtime. They're designed with a waterproof material that makes it easy to wipe off messes. They also have adjustable straps so they can grow with your baby. 

Choose a baby bib that is soft, comfortable, and easy to clean. It's also important to pick the right size to catch any spills. Some bibs even come with pockets to catch any food that falls off the plate. 

Baby Feeding Plates, Spoons, and Forks

Baby feeding plates, bowls, and spoon and fork sets are essential for starting your baby’s journey to eating solid foods. When it comes to feeding your baby, it's important to make sure that these feeding supplies are the right size. If they're too big, your baby may have a hard time holding them. It's also important to use spoon and fork for babies that have rounded edges to prevent hurting their mouth.

Baby Company offers a variety of baby feeding supplies that are designed specifically for babies. In fact, we exclusively carry Skittle baby feeding products that are carefully made to the highest safety standards.

Each feeding gear from Skittle is made from non-toxic materials and is dishwasher and sterilizer-safe. They come in a variety of colors and designs, so you can choose the perfect set for your little one! Find more Skittle baby products online at Baby Company.

Feeding your baby solid foods can be an exciting and rewarding experience. With the right feeding tools and products, you and your baby can look forward to a fun mealtime! Shop for baby feeding sets and other baby essentials at Baby Company today.
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