Essential Tips You Need to Know for Baby Potty Training

Baby potty training can be a trying time for both parents and child. Your toddler may be able to signal that they need to go; however, getting them to the right place at the right time is still not as simple as we’d like it to be. As a result, you may find yourself with extra clothing and wet towels on more than one occasion.

To help get your little one out of diapers sooner rather than later, follow these tips and tricks for baby potty training success!

Best Age to Start Potty Training

If you have been reading up on the best potty training age for babies, you may notice mixed opinions on this. Some babies start at 18 months while others may begin at 2 and a half years old. You’ll know it when they have shown signs of readiness and have the necessary skills to be able to use the potty. 

For example, if your child can stay dry for hours, can communicate their need to go, or is interested in wearing underwear, then they are ready for potty training. Another way to tell if your child is ready for potty training is if they can sit still for a few moments.

Create a Potty Habit

When you start potty training your child, you want to establish a new habit of using the potty. The best way is to start with a morning routine that includes getting your toddler up and then taking them to the potty. 

Your child needs to understand that the potty is something normal and part of their routine and daily life. This way, your child can start to naturally associate the potty with the need to go because they are already in that habit.  An amazing tool to help your little one get through the diaper phase is introducing a baby potty seat.

Nanny Fitty Potty Seat in Pink
Nanny Fitty Potty Seat in Pink

For starters, you can train your child to use
Mom & Baby Potty Trainer Seat. Its cute design and bright colors are effective to not intimidate your kid on a new potty routine. It will pique their interest in doing potty gradually.

Mom & Baby Bear Baby Potty Seat


Mom & Baby Bear Baby Potty Seat

Establish Timing and Place

Once your child is ready to start baby potty training, you will need to establish some rules. You want to make sure you are consistent about when and where your child is expected to go.  This will help them get used to the idea of the potty and make it easier for them to know what they are supposed to do. 

Make sure to do these with your potty training essentials from Baby Company. For boys, the Mom & Baby Do It Robot Potty is an ideal urinal for toddlers designed to make the potty experience easier and fun.


Mom & Baby Do It Robot Potty


Mom & Baby Do It Robot Potty


Once your child can follow their potty routine without your assistance, you can introduce them to multi-use potty seats or potty adapter seats for the toilet


Apruva Soft Potty Adapter Seat
Apruva Soft Potty Adapter Seat


Celebrate Potty Successes

Whether your baby is just learning the basics of baby potty training or is already using the toilet, it’s important to celebrate every success. The key to potty training is to keep your child excited and engaged in the process. When you celebrate successes along the way, you are showing your child that you are proud of what they are doing and that you appreciate the work they are putting in. 

Give your child a small and fun reward whenever they successfully do something related to the potty. To make potty success more fun, Fisher Price Royal Potty has 4 royal tunes that encourage kids and reward their successful potty deed. It also grows with your child so you can also use this training potty as a sturdy stepstool or a potty seat with stairs.

Fisher Price Royal Potty
Fisher Price Royal Potty


The Bottom Line

When it comes to baby potty training, it is important to create a routine that your child can get used to. This can include setting a certain time to sit on the potty or even taking your child to the potty at certain times during the day. While it can be hard work and process for parents and children alike, it will be well worth it once your child is out of diapers and into their underwear. 

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