New Parent Tip: How To Choose The Best Baby Strollers

When you become a parent, your priorities change, your perspective broadens, and your heart expands beyond the size of your room, your driveway, and your house. You begin to see the world in a different way, filled with hope, love, and joy. And just when you realize you are now a parent, you will find yourself constantly looking for ways to make your life easier. With a new baby, your list of must-have baby products gets longer too. 

One of the most important things that a mother would want to buy for her baby is a stroller. But which one will best suit your and your baby's needs, your budget, and your personal preference? 

Here are a few tips for new moms on choosing the right stroller for their baby. Read on to know. 


What To Look For When Shopping For The Best Baby Strollers 

The kind of baby strollers you need will depend on your personal preference, the size of your child, and the type of terrain you’ll be navigating. 

For example, if your child is old enough to sit up, then a lightweight stroller with an adjustable, and reversible  handlebar is ideal. And if your terrain is flat or low-paved, then a jogging stroller will work best for you. 

What about storage space in the trunk? You may want to consider  something a baby carrier stroller that folds down small for easier storage in your car.

You want to consider your needs now and what might change a few years down the line. Parents would normally think this through before making a purchase—something that you might also want to consider doing. This will help you decide whether or not you should invest in a convertible and reversible stroller that transitions from an infant car seat carrier to a toddler seat carrier. One great item to look into is the Chicco Bravo Mini Stroller which is perfect for infants between 4 to 30 pounds and up to 30 inches tall.

Chicco Bravo Mini Stroller

Chicco Bravo Mini Stroller


  • Safety

Safety should be a major factor in your choice of baby strollers. It is an utmost priority. You want to be sure that you are choosing a model that will give you peace of mind about the safety of your child. You should look for safety features like an easy one-step brake, a five-point harness, and a large canopy. 

Baby Company's Akeeva Alvix Pocket Stroller is an example of a baby carrier stroller that you can invest in. It has safety features that ensure security and protection whenever you are out with the baby.  

Akeeva Alvix Pocket Stroller

Akeeva Alvix Pocket Stroller


Additionally, you’ll want to check for the presence of rear-wheel locks or parking brakes and look for a lightweight frame with locking front swivel wheels just like that of the Akeeva Alvix Pocket Stroller with 5-point safety harness belt, rear wheels with linked brake, and lockable front wheels with suspension. 


  •  Convenience

The first thing you should think about when choosing the best baby strollers as new parents is convenience. Think about how much time you are willing to spend carrying your baby around. If you’re looking for a baby carrier stroller that will offer the most convenience, you are in the right place. The Aprica Nano Smart Plus Stroller can be a great option if you're looking for a baby stroller that is suitable for travel. These types of strollers can be folded for easy storage.

Aprica Nano Smart Plus Stroller

Aprica Nano Smart Plus Stroller


  • Impeccable Quality

One of the most important things to look for in a baby stroller is quality. Whether it be car seat strollers, reversible handle strollers, or baby carrier strollers, they all have to be of a desirable quality that is enough to provide the help you need. 

While it may be tempting to find a cheap, low-quality one, those will not last long. Chances are, you’ll end up buying two or three before finding the right one. A good rule of thumb is that if it’s not durable enough to withstand your rough terrain or if you have an active lifestyle, then it won’t be worth the money. Another thing to consider is how easy it is to assemble and fold up when you’re on the go. You should be able to do this with minimal effort and without tools or outside assistance. If you're one of the many parents who are after high-quality baby strollers that offer a smooth ride for their little ones and make life easier for them, Baby Company is a great place to start shopping. 

You may want to check out baby stroller accessories that provide additional protection from insects during outdoor trips like the Babyzen YOYO 0+ Insect Shield. It has an insect shield that is tailored to perfectly fit on the stroller and ensure protection from bugs and other pesky insects. 


The Takeaway

It's possible that you've already found the perfect baby stroller for you and your child but remember to always do your own research about the products you are planning to buy. If you are armed with the necessary information needed to make the best decision for your family, then you are ready to pick the best baby stroller for your baby. For more options, you can visit any Baby Company stores near your area or you can browse through to shop for your new baby stroller online. Get yours today! 

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