Grab Comotomo’s Innovative Baby Bottles and Accessories at Baby Company

Comotomo is no stranger to providing cutting-edge baby bottles and feeding accessories that would help parents feed their babies with ease. Seeing the problems of bottle rejection and nipple confusion among babies, Comotomo created the most evolved baby bottle yet on the market.

Instead of plastic, Comotomo bottles opt for a non-toxic silicone material that is BPA-free, offering a soft skin-like texture. Read on to know why more and more parents recognize the innovative baby bottles from Comotomo and what recommended products are available at Baby Company.

Most Evolved Baby Bottle Ever

Comotomo bottles are designed to mimic breastfeeding with their wide mound and naturally shaped nipple for a seamless switch from breast to bottle and vice-versa. Compared to other baby bottles, its soft silicone material promotes a better and squeezable grip. What’s more, the nipples have two anti-colic vents to prevent colic in babies while feeding. 

The bottle comes in two sizes—5oz and 8oz, with colors green and pink available in our stores. A variety of nipple flow rates are also on stock such as slow flow (0 to 3 months), medium flow (3 to 6 months), fast flow (6+ months), and variable flow (6+ months). New parents can start with the Baby Bottle Bundle or Starter Set complete with baby bottles, extra nipples, and even a silicone teether. 

Among Comotomo’s range of products, the Silicone Teether in orange and blue colors was modeled after baby fingers with a design that makes it easy for the baby’s tiny hands to grab.

All Comotomo products are easy to clean, including their silicone baby bottles. You can pop it in boiling water, steam sterilizers, microwave, and dishwashers for cleaning or sterilizing.

Get all these baby feeding bottle essentials from Comotomo at Baby Company stores nationwide! Get discounts on select Comotomo products and bundles when your purchase online via

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