Natufoodies Organic Rice Puff Avocado Biscuit (6 months+) 42g

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The Rice Puff Avocado healthy snacks on the go need less preparation time and create no mess.

It melts in the mouth without any other artificial ingredients that a baby should not have.

Pediatrics recommends offering 2-3 meals of in-between snacks to babies per day. Offering healthy snacks helps boost a baby’s nutrition and health and keep up their energy so they can play, explore, and learn.

Enjoy eating rice puffs while learning pick-up skills, self-feeding skills, and motor skills.

Ingredients: Organic White Rice, Organic Brown Rice, Organic Apple Juice Concentrate, Spinach Powder, Avocado Powder, Vitamin B1.

Age recommendation: 6 months+
Flavor: Avocado
Product net weight: 42g

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