Playsmart 7-Piece Stacking Ring - Tiger
Playsmart 9-Piece Stacking Cup Set - Round
Playsmart 10-pc Beach ToysPlaysmart 10-pc Beach Toys
Playsmart 6pc Sports Balls Squeeze Toys
Playsmart 6pc Sea Creatures Squeeze Toys
Playsmart 5-pc Beach Toys - MediumPlaysmart 5-pc Beach Toys - Medium
Playsmart 9-Piece Stacking Cups - Square
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Playsmart 9pc Assorted Animals Squeeze ToysPlaysmart 9pc Assorted Animals Squeeze Toys
Playsmart Playsmart 9pc Assorted Animals Squeeze Toys
Sale price₱255.00 Regular price₱299.75
Save 25%
Playsmart Spiral ToyPlaysmart Spiral Toy
Playsmart Playsmart Spiral Toy
Sale price₱300.00 Regular price₱399.00
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Playsmart 6-Piece Stacking Cup Set - Wavy Bowl Shape
Playsmart 9-pc Cupcakes Beach ToysPlaysmart 9-pc Cupcakes Beach Toys
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Playsmart Round Baby Activity Play GymPlaysmart Round Baby Activity Play Gym
Playsmart Playsmart Round Baby Activity Play Gym
Sale price₱879.00 Regular price₱1,099.00
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Playsmart 8-Piece Sea Animal Stacking Cups
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Playsmart Square Baby Activity Play GymPlaysmart Square Baby Activity Play Gym
Playsmart Playsmart Square Baby Activity Play Gym
Sale price₱1,039.00 Regular price₱1,299.00
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Playsmart 5pc Duck Family Squeeze ToyPlaysmart 5pc Duck Family Squeeze Toy
Playsmart Playsmart 5pc Duck Family Squeeze Toy
Sale price₱159.00 Regular price₱169.75

Experience a Fun Learning Play With Playsmart Toys From Baby Company

When choosing toys for babies, parents tend to avoid toys that are too difficult for a young child to understand or operate. While there are a bunch of learning toys for every child’ age, it is still best to choose toys from a toy brand that offers a fun learning play experience for your baby.

Playsmart has a range of sensory age-appropriate toys for the little one’s learning mind—from fun stacking and squeeze toys to adorable plush toys and more! Learn more about the enjoyable selection of Playsmart toys you can shop at Baby Company.

Playsmart Baby Toys

Stacking toys for toddlers may look simple but it is one of the best toys to give your little one at the early stages of child development. Educational stacking toys not only help in boosting the child’s fine and gross motor skills, but it also aids your baby’s eye-hand coordination.

Playsmart has different stacking cups and rings set ideal for babies 6-months-old and up. It comes in many colorful designs that can easily stimulate and catch your baby’s attention for play. Choose from Playsmart’s 9-Piece Stacking Square Cups or 6-Piece Stacking Fish Cup sets.

Meanwhile, squeeze toys are another choice of toy recommended for toddlers. Playsmart offers a selection of colorful squeeze toys used for indoor play or during bath time. These types of squeeze toys help in strengthening the baby’s grip and promote muscle control. What’s good is it is lead-free and safe to play. You can choose from different fun designs such as sports balls, sea creatures, fruits, and more!

Let your little one have fun playing and learning with Playsmart! Score exclusive discounts on select Playsmart toys when you shop at any Baby Company store nationwide or online via

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