Aprica Karoon Air Stroller - Green

SKU: 10076781

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Usage Period: newborn to 36 months (below 15 kg)
Stroller Weight: 3.9 kg
Seat height from floor: 52 cm
Seat recline position: 121-157 degrees

Includes the head Mamolu pad, which stabilizes the head and prevents the neck from distorting. A waist and hip protection pad helps your child breathe with no restrictions, and helps with the proper growth of your child's spine and correct posture.
Seat pad of the stroller is made out of Silky Air, a material that keeps your baby cool and comfortable, no matter the weather.
Double Thermo Medical System improves ventilation within the stroller.
Shaky Guard, 3-D soft shock-absorbing wheels, and three-dimensional thigh belt absorbs any vibrations or pressure, reducing any impact felt by your baby.
Canopy is equipped with UV protection, which blocks 98% of UV rays.

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