Doona All Day Bag

SKU: 10075853

Color: Red
Sale price₱4,899.00


Perfect for a full day out.

The Doona„ ¢ All-Day Bag is designed to complement your Doona with style. It attaches to the back of your Doona using unique quick-release Doona connectors that keep the bag secured to the seat for hands-free travel. The All-Day Bag maintains Doona's stability, while giving you easy access to everything you need to keep your baby comfortable. The top and side zipper openings provide quick and easy access to all your items. A thermal bottle holder and foldable changing mat are included.


Spacious, elegant, and practical design
Specifically designed to maintain your Doona's stability
Unique quick-release Doona connectors
Smart, practical, and easy access compartments
Easy to wash
Can carry a weight of up to 7 lbs
Remove from the Doona when used in a vehicle
Remove from the Doona before folding Doona into a car seat


Doona All-Day Bag
Changing Mat
Thermal Bottle Holder

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