Dr. Brown's PreVent Contoured Shield Stage 3 Pacifier

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Soothe and keep your precious one engaged the safest way possible. Dr. Brown’s PreVent Contoured Pacifiers prevent dental issues like cross bites. It’s also designed to keep the shield from coming into contact with baby’s face, allowing plenty of room for his or her cute little nose and cheeks. Stage 3: for 12 months + . Designed by a pediatric dentist . Suction-free Air Channel –soft, suction-release bulb spreads wider as baby sucks for low pressure comfort and reduces palatal pressure . Helps to lower the pressures inside the mouth that can create dental issues . Thin-Stem Design –minimally intrusive on baby’s mouth . Suction-free Air Channel . Contoured shield –easy on baby’s face . BPA-free . Sea horse design

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