Huggies Dry Pants Skin Care Diaper Pants - XL, 40 pcs

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Introducing Huggies Skin Care Pants! With its premium cottony softness, babies will feel as comfortable as wearing cloth underwear.

Product Features:
  • With natural tea tree extract that soothes a baby's delicate skin.
  • Breathable design, clinically proven to help in rash prevention
  • Two times thinner—a slim fit—for a more comfortable and breathable fit, even for active babies
  • Wet lock technology helps lock away moisture, keeping baby feeling fresh and dry throughout the day
  • Wetness indicator 
Changing a baby's diaper has never been so easy! Give baby the best with our new Huggies Skin Care Pants!

Diaper Type: Pants

Diaper Size: XL

**For better fit, recommended for babies 12–17 kg

Diaper Qty: 40 pads XL Huggies Skin Care Diaper Pants

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