Kinderkraft Racoon Childrens Bookshelf

SKU: 10095105

Sale price₱6,999.00


We would like to present a practical RACOON rack with containers. It is an unusual, timeless piece of furniture that will not only help you keep order in your child's room - it will also teach it how to be independent. The RACOON rack is not too high - it is less than a meter high, so that a child who can walk independently would be able to reach its shelves.

Universal design and children's accents in combination with shelves and containers make it a practical and multifunctional piece of furniture. You can store both the books and baby toys in it. It has built-in, soft shelves, perfect for arranging books so that the child can see their covers. In addition, the set includes as many as 6 containers made of polyester - 2 large and 4 smaller ones. You can easily organize all the toys together with the child.

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