Lansinoh Lanolin Lip Balm 7ml

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Our 100% natural Lanolin Lip Balm creates a soothing barrier and locks in hydration to help your lips restore their moisture balance. The Lansinoh Lip Balm is a rich, effective moisturizer which helps soothe and protect very dry chapped lips.

Cold, windy, hot and humid weather takes its toll on our lips; they become dry, cracked and sore. The Lansinoh Lip Balm is single ingredient and contains only highly purified lanolin so that you know your lips are in safe hands (or in a 100% natural balm in this case!).

The easy to use applicator gently releases the rich balm in a smooth layer to cover your lips perfectly and actively nourish them.

On the go or at home, the Lanolin Lip Balm tube can fit in any pocket so you can have it ready for moisturizing lip care whenever you need. Give your lips the soft feel they crave with our clinically tested Lanolin Lip Balm.

How to use:
Gently apply all over your lips as often as needed. For external use only.

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