Mamaway Nano Bamboo Postnatal Recovery & Support Belly Band

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Size: L-XL
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For women with very short torsos, please consider purchasing the Posture Correcting Maternity Support Belt, as this product may dig into your rib cage when you sit down. Please pull the product lower to cover your pelvis before you sit down to avoid irritations and discomfort during prolonged sitting. Please consider your circumstances before making the purchase, to make sure the product is right for you

Two extra compression belts provide a security fit and promote a speedy recovery
It can be worn straight after birth, suitable for both vaginal birth and c-section
Individually weaved stripes that move independent of each other and forms a rigid yet flexible material that bends, twists and moves with your body
Extra wide design gives you an entire abdominal coverage, avoids too mush stress on C-section wound
With bamboo material and mesh weave structure, you can stay cool and dry while being supported in any season

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