Mom & Baby Silicone Teething Toothbrush Set - Pink

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The Mom & Baby Silicone Teething Toothbrush massages and effectively cleans the baby's gums and teeth. It is made from safe materials that are BPA-free, soft, flexible, and durable. This toothbrush set also encourages your child to brush independently, rinse off the toothbrush, and place it in the holder after use. Recommended for 0 months and up.

It includes four (4) toothbrushes for different ages:

1. Gum stimulator (early teething). The rounded nubs help relieve teething discomfort. To use it, gently massage tender gums.

2. Fingertip toothbrush (teething 4–7 months): It has a textured yet gentle surface that will wipe the gums clean. To use, slip onto the finger, then wipe the gums and teeth (if any).

3. Infant toothbrush (front teeth only): It has gentle, flat bristles designed to clean flat incisors. The soft bristles are just right for cleaning teeth, gums, and the tongue. The soft, rounded head shapes itself into the infant's mouth. To use, brush down from and up toward gums, carefully cleaning both fronts and backs. Brush the baby's teeth at least twice a day.

4. Toddler toothbrushes (front teeth and molars): The round-top bristles are gentle on the tooth enamel and tender gums. A smooth, seamless design eliminates crevices where germs can hide. The fun-to-use "water drop" holder keeps the brush upright and reduces contact with germs.

How To Use: Brush down from and up towards the gums, as well as back and forth on the flat surfaces of the molars. Brushing the teeth after each meal is ideal.

How To Clean: Wash in warm water using mild liquid soap. Rinse thoroughly. Air dry.


These products are not toys. Do not allow children to play with them. Do not allow the child to walk or run while holding the toothbrush.

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