The Twelve Toddler Toothbrush in Vivid Color - 12 pcs

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The Twelve (Step 2) Toothbrush


Recommended age of use: for Children 1-3 years of age


The box includes: 12 pieces of toothbrush


Color: Vivid


Materials: Handle (PP, TPR) / Bristle (BBC fine bristle, PBT)



● Head size: 10*15mm

● Full size: 123mm


✔ Korean BBC microfine bristles

✔ Soft TPR material head

✔ Handy round shape

✔ Protects children's delicate teeth with gentle and careful care

✔ All toothbrushes are made with only baby-safe, certified material

✔ Monthly indication on the toothbrush to prevent overuse and compromise the replacement cycle

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