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Babies get dirty every time they play and their little hands also tend to get smudgy while they’re in the bath. There is nothing more heart-squeezing than seeing your baby cuddle with you after a bath or a shower. That’s why you need to have cute baby towels available for them. 

A baby bath towel is an excellent way to keep their skin dry and clean. These are also great for swaddling; it provides extra warmth and helps keep the baby warm.

These adorable baby towels will make bathtime snuggles much sweeter for your little one and will keep them clean until your baby is dry. Plus, these towels are super affordable and are perfect gifts for any new parent (as well as older ones!). Read on to find out more!

Cocomelon Poncho Towel and Face Towel Set

Kids’ Poncho Towel and Face Towel Set from Cocomelon has a super soft velour fabric that is both breathable and absorbent. These towels are designed to keep your baby dry and comfortable. It features a special Double Stitched Edge that prevents the edge from unraveling so you don’t have to worry about your baby getting cut or scraped. Plus, it's a hooded bath towel, so it adds fun and colors to every bath time! 

Using a hooded towel can help keep your baby’s skin protected from the cold bath water. Baby hooded towels also help to keep your baby's head warm after a cold bath. By covering their heads and ears, your child can feel warm and protected while still feeling comfortable.

Bloom Printed Poncho Towels

Towels for babies are a necessary part of keeping them clean and safe. They can be used for bathing, drying, or wiping off any messes your baby may make. However, many parents find that baby towels are too small and inconvenient to use. 

Fortunately, there are several options available at Baby Company to make bath time easier. Find the perfect cloth diaper or towel that fits your needs and style such as this Kids’ Hooded Poncho Towel from Bloom. It is another addition to your baby bath essentials from our collection as it is made from baby-friendly materials that are super absorbent and quick drying.

kids hooded poncho towel

Bloom Printed Poncho Towel

Cocomelon Bath Towel

Baby towels are a must-have for every newborn. This is especially true if you’re using cloth diapers since they can be messy. Plus, babies often have a lot of moisture to deal with due to teething and the need to regulate their body temperature.

To add to your list of Cocomelon-themed baby bath essentials, Baby Company's Cocomelon Bath Towel should be included in your list of baby must-haves. It is made from super soft materials that are gentle on your baby's delicate skin plus, it has Cocomelon on it!

 Who doesn't love Cocomelon? You can also opt for a bath towel with a loofah set that features a plush design of your baby’s favorite Cocomelon characters.

Bloom Hooded Towel Set

Baby hooded towels are a must after bath time, especially for newborns.  These towels have hoods that extend over the head and face to keep them warm and prevent them from rubbing their eyes. This will also protect them from getting chapped skin around the nose and cheeks, which can be painful for babies. 

To make sure your baby is not exposed to cold water, always use warm water! If you use cold water, it may shock their system, causing their temperature to drop, leading to them getting sick. You can also wrap a warm and comfortable towel around them immediately after a bath so that they stay warm until your dry them off. And what better way to do that than with Baby Company's Bloom baby towel set?  

Baby towels are cute, affordable, and important. Baby Company offers a wide array of high-quality baby products like baby bath towel sets, bath toys, and more! Get one or two from a variety of adorable designs available from our collection that will make bath time more fun for your baby!

Check out these baby bath essentials and more at the Baby Company store nearby or online at! Don't miss what other must-haves we have in store for your little one. Have a fun snuggly bath time with your precious little one with baby towels at prices you’ll love!
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