4 Key Features Your Baby Stroller Should Have

A baby stroller is one of the best investments you can get for your little one. It serves several uses especially when you are out for a stroll with the baby, thus saving you the hassle of carrying them in your arms all day long.

However, new parents tend to be clueless about how to choose the right baby carrier for their child. There are many factors to consider when purchasing a stroller including your baby’s age and weight. Safety features such as 5-point harness systems are also important to look into. 

Apart from various safety features, here are five key features you should keep in mind when choosing the right baby stroller for your little one:


Reversible strollers are common among the variety of strollers available in the market. It works to give you the option to place your child facing toward you or vice versa. Use the parent-facing mode to monitor your baby or turn them to a forward-facing position so they can see the environment around them. 

The reversible function of pushchairs fits first-time parents who what to see their baby as they push the stroller. Its best asset is that it promotes parent-child bonding and can be used at every stage. On the other hand, reversible strollers are less compact than other types as they can be heavier, bulkier, and larger. 

Apruva strollers come in reversible units that you can get at Baby Company. Take a look at Apruva Aller Reversible Stroller’s exceptional features to see if it suits your needs.

Lightweight and compact

For parents who what to avoid using bulky strollers, you can opt for a compact baby stroller instead. A lightweight, compact toddler stroller is popular among parents as it delivers exactly what its name means. It is the ideal stroller for families on the go as it can be folded to fit in a car or for storage such as Akeeva stroller units. 

Akeeva Capsule Compact Stroller

Modern lightweight strollers are also easy to navigate and bring anywhere, especially when traveling. You don’t want to carry or push around big bulky strollers in small spaces, right? Portable baby strollers can be used by anyone and can grow with your child from infancy to the toddler stage. 

The Acro Buggy Stroller is the most compact Mamas & Papas stroller available in the market today. It fits easily in a travel bag for convenient storage when not in use. 



Adaptive strollers are the best type of baby buggy for parents who want to stick to one gear until their baby reaches the toddler stage. It is a cost-effective choice to pick a pushchair that grows with the child. Compared to traditional strollers, most convertible strollers nowadays are equipped with mobility and adjustable features to cater to a growing child.

A tip: Look at the usage period indicated on strollers to know how long your baby can use the gear. If you are looking for a newborn stroller, Aprica’s Nano Smart Plus Stroller is suitable for newborns to 36-months old babies.



When it comes to convenience, a baby travel system works best for both traveling and carrying duties. A travel system, also known as a car seat stroller, combines a stroller and a car seat in one gear. It is a practical option for parents who want to buy both gears in one go. 

Travel systems come with an array of configurations and accessories and can be bulkier than other strollers. While it may be a valuable purchase like getting two gears in one, you should keep in mind that these stroller units can be outgrown by babies. However, it proves to be an investment if your baby needs a car seat for travel.

Apruva Trek Travel System

The takeaway

It may be a hassle picking the perfect stroller for every need with a ton of options you can choose from. Before you proceed to buy a baby stroller, ask yourself what features fit your lifestyle best, and always prioritize your baby’s needs. Don’t forget to research the best safety assets a bay stroller can have!

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