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Sterilizing your baby’s essential items like feeding bottles has been an important routine for parents. It is usually carried out with the use of hot water but the process can be a time-consuming task even for parents on the go. Luckily, the emergence of technology and innovation produced a practical way to sterilize baby items swiftly.

Introducing UV sterilizer for your baby’s use! This device uses ultraviolet light and is proven to kill 99.9% of microorganisms like bacteria and viruses. It may seem unlikely but it is, trust us. That’s why we rounded up tips on how and where to properly use your UV sterilizer units for the baby.

Is UV sterilizer safe for babies?

The first question that parents ask about UV sterilizers is whether it’s safe for babies. The answer: yes, as long as it’s certified and meets safety standards!

But how do UV Sterilizers work? They are specifically designed to kill bacteria and viruses in contaminated air, spaces, or objects. They are equipped with UV lights that are powerful enough to kill 99.9% of harmful organisms. 

Investing in UV sterilizers has helpful benefits in disinfecting your baby’s essential items with ease. It’s just a matter of knowing the brand your trust and using the right UV disinfection tool for the right task. 

For feeding accessories

Sterilizing your baby’s bottles after every use is important. Most parents are used to doing the traditional steaming method when cleaning their little one's feeding bottles and accessories. Well, there’s a modern way of doing it with the help of UV bottle sterilizers

It usually comes in a small cabinet design where you can just pop in the baby bottles, feeding bowls, teethers, and more, then leave it for sterilizing. There are various functions and settings that UV sterilizer cabinets have based on the items that need disinfection. It includes a drying and ventilation system to further eliminate microorganisms in your baby’s feeding accessories.

For toys

Toys are, unfortunately, among the things that can easily spread germs. Kids touch and even put their toys in their mouths. Just like feeding bottles, children’s toys need sterilizing and disinfecting once in a while. 

While sterilizer cabinets are spacious enough for multiple items, you can also invest in UV sterilizer boxes that can hold bigger baby items like toys and other nursery stuff. They come in various sizes and are ideal to keep indoors like the baby’s nursery room.

There are also UV sterilizer bags that you can bring anywhere, whether you are going outdoors with your kid or to a playdate in the park. 

UV sterilizer Philippines Firefly UV Sterilizer Bag

For outdoors

A portable UV sterilizer is an easy disinfecting hack for anyone, especially parents with babies. You’ll find a variety of pocket sterilizers in the market that you can swiftly bring in your diaper bag wherever you plan to go with your child. With its small size, it is the perfect tool for quick disinfecting of your baby’s items when outdoors.

For toilet

A parent knows that having an active toddler at home is an arduous task. Toddlers tend to be sneaky when exploring the things in their environment and sometimes, they can get to places they should not be—like the bathroom.

There are now hands-free smart UVC sterilizers in the market that can add extra disinfection features to areas near the toilet. A UV sterilizer for the toilet is a relatively new item that parents should invest in for their homes. You can just put it on the toilet cover and let it operate on auto to do its job!

UV sterilizers for the baby are safe as long as you use them properly and for their purpose: to disinfect and sanitize. Get your must-have UV sterilizer for sale in the Philippines’ top baby store—Baby Company!

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