Convertible Baby Gear Parents’ Money-Saving Must-Haves

Babies need a lot of things. Baby gear is among the biggest purchases you will have as you prepare for the new member of the family. While there is no specific amount that you need for cribs, strollers, high chairs, and more, creating a baby registry list is just one of the ways that help in prioritizing costs for these big purchases.

The secret to spending less on baby items is to look for versatile products that can be used for more than one purpose. The good news is that baby gears these days are made convertible and adaptable to work a variety of functions to grow with the baby. 

If you haven’t created your baby registry list, here are some useful tips and recommendations on choosing space-saving and money-saving convertible furniture for your baby!

Multi-Functional Baby Bed

A crib is one of the important items in a baby's nursery where babies can sleep and take naps. While there is a variety of baby cribs available in the market, the best bed for the baby is always safe, secure, and accident-proof. But it’s always a plus if your baby’s bed is modifiable.

Our Dwelling 6-in-1 Multi-function Bed is one of the must-have convertible baby cribs in the Philippines. It is built to save you from buying separate baby gears as it can be used as a crib, infant bassinet, baby rocker, high chair, and adult desk. It easily adapts to your little one’s needs for the long term, thus saving you money on space-consuming baby furniture.


 Dwelling 6-in-1 Multifunction Bed - Baby Company


Dwelling 6-in-1 Multifunction Bed

Practical baby cot

Practicality is another feature that you should look for in convertible cribs or baby cots especially if you love the outdoors. Traveling with a baby requires baby gear that has multiple functions. KinderKraft’s LOVI 3-in-1 Baby Travel Cot is a practical choice because it can be used as a rocker, an indoor bassinet, or a travel cot. 


Its functional design makes it easy for parents to fold for storage or convert into a practical crib. It also comes with a built-in mosquito net and removable canopy to provide your baby extra protection from insects when relaxing outside. With adaptable features, your child can use this baby travel cot from newborn to toddler age.


KinderKraft’s LOVI 3-in-1 Baby Travel Cot


KinderKraft’s LOVI 3-in-1 Baby Travel Cot

Durable Car Seat Stroller

Car seats and strollers are two of the baby gear must-haves. While both have different functions, they work better in one hybrid travel system. It’s always a relief for parents to have a car seat for their baby that can also be transformed into a stroller. If you live in the city or are frequent travelers, a durable car seat stroller is the solution to lessen your spending on separate gear for your baby. 

When looking for a car seat stroller, keep in mind its safety features such as a 5-point harness and side impact protection to support your infant. Opt for a safety-certified and aircraft-approved car seat stroller like the Doona Car Seat Stroller.


Doona Car Seat Stroller in Burgundy
Doona Car Seat Stroller in Burgundy


Comfy baby feeding gear

As your baby grows and learns to eat independently, you will need a full-featured baby high chair to support your little one as they have their meals. While there are classic types of the high chair with adjustable height features, nothing beats a convertible high chair that converts into other useful baby gears.


Some baby high chairs work in multiple ways to accommodate your growing child. Baby feeding gears such as KinderKraft Fini High Chair see you throughout your baby’s toddler years. This 2-in-1 high chair easily transforms from a high chair to a low chair and comes with a removable feeding tray and 5-point harness.

KinderKraft Fini High Chair

KinderKraft Fini High Chair

There are a lot of ways that you can save money on new items for your baby. Luckily, convertible gears are a foolproof choice for parents like you who are looking for budget-friendly alternatives for big purchases.

Make sure to choose the best double or triple-duty options when you shop at a baby store. List these items down on your baby registry checklist and head to Baby Company for your baby's needs!


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