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Feeding your baby is no easy task, especially if your little one is now transitioning from breastfeeding or formula milk to solid foods. Introducing solid food is not limited to store-bought infant cereals and jarred baby purees only. You can always create homemade baby food whether you are a hands-on mom or a working mom.

A baby food maker is designed to make meal preparation for babies simple, easy, and healthier. Equipped with a variety of cooking functions and features, it has the capacity to make healthy homemade baby food in just a few minutes. With modern ways of food making, gone are the days when you have to thoroughly prepare food step-by-step from mashing to puréeing and straining with the help of baby food makers.

Electric baby food makers have been the talk of most parents because of the convenience you can get from them. If you are curious, read on below to know more about the next big thing in solid food preparation for infants and toddlers.

Why You Should Buy a Baby Food Maker

Before purchasing a baby food maker, you should ask yourself do you really need it. Sure, traditional baby food mills are always available but what makes a modern baby food maker so special for most parents?

It saves you time and money

Preparing your baby’s food takes time. Baby food makers make food prep hassle-free. It comes in handy, especially for parents who are always on the go and are looking for ways to ease their baby’s feeding time.

With a baby food maker, you don’t have to worry about manually puréeing fruits and vegetables to get a smooth puree. All you have to do is place your ingredients into a bowl and let it do its work. In just a few minutes of cooking and blending, you get the desired food texture ideal for babies.

Moreover, using a food maker reduces costs on store-bought pre-packed food. It lets you use fresh fruits, vegetables, and meat that are already on your grocery checklist—a cost-effective and healthier alternative, indeed.

You can monitor the food your baby is eating

Commercial baby foods are still perfectly healthy for babies to consume, but wouldn’t it be better if you know exactly what ingredients are in your infant’s food bowl? 

Using a food maker lets you monitor and control what goes in the baby's food. You can customize and mash-up homemade baby purée recipes. This way, introducing new flavors to your little one’s meals becomes easy.

Equipped with convenient features

One thing you should know about baby food makers is it’s an all-in-one feeding gadget made to cook, blend, and steam baby food. Most modern sets have built-in timers and multi-tasking features for various needs such as defrosting and reheating. 

It is also made from durable and BPA-free materials that don’t compromise its purpose. You should be on the lookout for food maker units that are easy to clean. Storage is also not a problem because of its compact design that you can simply put on top of your kitchen counter.

A baby mood maker is a great investment. However, you also have to consider your lifestyle, goals, and needs before finally grabbing one for you and your baby’s use.

There is a variety of brands that offers different baby food makers in the Philippines. Some of the well-known brands include Béaba, Philips Avent, Pigeon, and more. Of course, the best baby food maker in the Philippines all goes down to how functional, budget-friendly, and convenient it actually is.

The Most-Loved of All

The Béaba Babycook is a powerhouse in homemade baby food making. Trusted by most parents, the Babycook combines a steam maker and blender in one feeding gear. You can cook, blend, and reheat fruits, vegetables, or raw meat in less than 15 minutes with its patented steam heating system.


Beaba Babycook - baby food making - baby company

Béaba Babycook Solo in Rose Gold

This Béaba baby food maker also features a multi-purpose mixing blade that blends food just to the right texture. If you’re a busy parent, you’ll find this food maker extra reliable because it does not require monitoring. The unit has an audible timer that lets you know when the meal is ready and automatically switches off as soon as steaming is finished.

Storage is also easy because of its compact design. The Béaba Babycook comes with a spatula, a mixing smoothie lid, and a recipe booklet to help homemade food preparation simple and creative. If you need a larger capacity to cook your baby’s meals, the Béaba Babycook Duo will do the work for you. 

Béaba Babycook Duo - baby company

Béaba Babycook Duo

Affordable Options Available

Electric baby food makers are not the only option on the market. There are still manual baby food makers that are equally ideal for preparing baby’s meals as electric food makers.

The Pigeon Baby Food Maker works great in squeezing, straining, grating, and grinding baby food. This feeding set includes a cereal bowl, soup bowl, feeding spoon, and baby spoon. It also comes with attachable tools for different uses.

Pigeon Home Baby Food Maker

Pigeon Home Baby Food Maker

You can use its grating plate to quickly grate vegetables into a fine texture or squeeze fresh juice with its juicer attachment, and more. With this multi-purpose food maker set, you can prepare semi-liquid to solid baby food carefully to suit your baby’s stage and growth. 

The Takeaway

Baby food makers are a game-changer in baby feeding. It’s the most convenient baby gadget any parent must try. If you decide to purchase your own baby food maker, Baby Company is your one-stop shop for everything baby-related! Shop your new baby food maker via or visit our stores near you.


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