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Explore a Variety of Baby Solid Feeding Essentials

Introducing solid foods to your infant is an exciting phase to expect in a baby’s early months. Once your baby is ready for foods other than breastmilk or formula, it’s time to prepare easy-to-use mealtime essentials to slowly train your little one to solid feeding. Luckily, our stores carry the best baby feeding supplies for your baby’s journey to solid food. 

Baby Food Preparation

Preparing a baby’s food requires careful attention, especially if homemade. From mashing vegetables to a fine texture and blending until smooth, baby meals and recipes are serious work for parents. If you happen to have some extra food prepared, you can always keep it fresh and ready to eat in baby food containers. 

Discover food storage essentials that are easy to clean and store. We have a variety of food trays, silicone containers, and portion jars from brands such as Nanny, Beaba, Clip Pac, and more. 

Feeding Sets for Babies

Feeding essentials for toddlers come in age-appropriate baby feeding sets. Our collection includes divided plates, bowls, cutlery for infants, training cups, and tumblers to mention a few. Each product is made safe for babies' use from food-grade silicone and BPA-free materials.

You can check trusted brands such as Twistshake, Dr. Brown’s, Apruva, Mom & Baby, and our very own Baby Company which provides a selection of solid feeding products made from materials safe for babies.

Feed your baby their first solids with well-prepared baby food. Baby Company’s collection of baby solid feeding essentials has a range of food-grade containers, cutlery, and training cups designed for baby’s feeding needs. No need to worry about feeding time because we’re here to help. Shop at and score exclusive discounts, deals, and promos!

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