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Mamaway Neopolitan Baby Ring SlingMamaway Neopolitan Baby Ring Sling
Mamaway Ocean Lanna Baby Ring SlingMamaway Ocean Lanna Baby Ring Sling
Mamaway Camouflage Baby Ring slingMamaway Camouflage Baby Ring sling
Mamaway Black & White Herringbone Baby ring SlingMamaway Black & White Herringbone Baby ring Sling
Mamaway Checkers Baby Ring sling
Mamaway Rainbow Mocca Baby Ring slingMamaway Rainbow Mocca Baby Ring sling
Mamaway Rainbow Crayon Baby Ring slingMamaway Rainbow Crayon Baby Ring sling
Mamaway Little Sailors Baby Ring slingMamaway Little Sailors Baby Ring sling
Mamaway Choc Mint ice Cream Baby Ring slingMamaway Choc Mint ice Cream Baby Ring sling
Mamaway Vintage Check Baby Ring SlingMamaway Vintage Check Baby Ring Sling
Mamaway Bohemian Print Baby Ring SlingMamaway Bohemian Print Baby Ring Sling
Picolo Clouds Baby Moonwalk Walking WingsPicolo Clouds Baby Moonwalk Walking Wings

Choose the Best Baby Carrier for Babywearing at Baby Company

Babywearing is a practical way of carrying the baby or toddler in a wrap, sling, or backpack carrier. This practice is nothing new among parents as it is proven helpful in caring for babies because of its convenience. 

Owning a baby carrier for newborns supports breastfeeding mommies as it encourages responsive feeding. Studies also relieved that infants are less likely to cry and fuss while being carried—43% less during the day and 51% less during nighttime. Above all, babywearing is a great way for parents to bond with their little ones. 

What to Look for in Baby Carriers

In choosing the right baby carrier that works best for babywearing, parents must consider the durability, comfort, support, and safety it will provide for the baby. There are several kinds of baby carrier seats in the market, each showcasing its pros—from the traditional baby wrap and sleek ring slings to versatile baby backpack carriers.

Suitable for newborns to toddlers, a baby ring sling is made from a long strip of fabric with rings. Similar to it are baby wraps. Both kinds are adjustable and can be worn on the hip or over the shoulder across the front.

Backpack carriers, on the other hand, are an ergonomic option because of their soft structure with pads, shoulder straps, and buckles. 

Baby Carriers for Sale!

Keep your baby happier and healthier with the ideal baby carrier seat. Narrow down your choices with Baby Company’s selection of recommended baby carriers at prices available in-store and online!

Find a range of Mamaway baby ring slings in different chic designs for moms and dads to use. It is a perfect hands-free sling that enables you to snuggle, settle, and breastfeed your baby comfortably. 

Get the best baby carrier for your babywearing needs only at Baby Company. Shop baby carriers and more in stores nationwide or via! Browse for exclusive discounts on baby products and supplies when you checkout online.

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