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Baby Clean Cotton Balls 200's
Baby Clean Cotton Balls 200s
Sale price₱60 PHP
Baby Clean Mini Cotton Buds
Baby Clean Mini Cotton Buds
Sale price₱80 PHP
Smart Steps Stages Mosquito Patch (Random Design)Smart Steps Stages Mosquito Patch
Cycles Sensitive Anti-Mosquito Patch 12sCycles Sensitive Anti-Mosquito Patch 12s
Save 15%
Safety 1st Fingertip Brush & Case
Safety 1st Fingertip Brush & Case
Sale price₱170 PHP Regular price₱199 PHP
Chicco Baby Toothbrush - GreenChicco Baby Toothbrush - Green
Chicco Baby Toothbrush - Green
Sale price₱249 PHP
Tiny Buds Sleepy Time Natural Baby Massage Oil 50ml
Bite Block Naturals Insect Repellent Citronella Spray 100ml
Tiny Fangs Toothgel Stage 1 55ml
Tiny Buds Toothgel Stage 1 55ml
Sale price₱115 PHP
Tiny Buds Natural Baby Teething Gel 20gTiny Buds Natural Baby Teething Gel 20g
Tiny Buds Calm Tummies Baby Massage Oil 50ml
Tiny Buds Teething Chewbrush
Tiny Buds Teething Chewbrush
Sale price₱130 PHP
Baby Clean Regular Cotton Buds 200's
Baby Clean Cotton Buds 200s
Sale price₱59 PHP
Baby Clean Cotton Buds Spiral Tips 440's
Save 15%
Safety 1st 3-Piece Oral Care Kit
Safety 1st 3 pcs Oral Care Kit
Sale price₱280 PHP Regular price₱329 PHP
Save 15%
Safety 1st Clear View Tweezer and Nail Clipper Combo
Safety 1st Clear View Tweezer and Nail Clipper Combo
Sale price₱340 PHP Regular price₱399 PHP
Tiny Buds Happy Days Natural Baby Massage Oil 50ml
The First Years Two Toddler ToothbrushesThe First Years Two Toddler Toothbrushes
Sansfluo Teething Gel 10ml
Sansfluo Teething Gel 10ml
Sale price₱178 PHP
Save 24%
Chicco Baby Nail ScissorsChicco Baby Nail Scissors
Chicco Baby Nail Scissors
Sale price₱250 PHP Regular price₱329 PHP
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Tiny Fangs Toothgel Stage 2 55ml
Tiny Buds Toothgel Stage 2 55ml
Sale price₱115 PHP

Discover All Essential Baby Health and Hygiene Products at Baby Company

A baby grooming or healthcare kit is essential for newborn babies as a one-stop kit for everything baby health and hygiene. However, it is usually one of the things that some parents tend to forget when preparing for the arrival of their newborn. Grooming kits should include all the basic baby care products like infant brush, nail clippers, nose cleaner, oral care, and thermometer to mention a few. 

At Baby Company, you can explore a collection of baby hygiene and health care products to put in your baby grooming kit! Shop by brand and see a list of mommy-approved brands in our collection such as Chicco, Pigeon, Tiny Buds, and more!

What to Pack in Baby Health and Grooming Kits?

If you have no idea what baby health care products to get for your infant’s grooming bag, start with an on-the-go healthcare kit from Safety 1st. It is a curated bag complete with a baby toothbrush, digital thermometer, nasal aspirator, and baby medicine dropper.

A handy baby nail care set from Nuby is what you need to trim your baby’s soft and delicate nails. It comes with a pair of stainless steel scissors, baby nail clippers, and four emery boards.

A baby’s health and hygiene are not complete without oral care products. You can choose from a selection of tooth gels and baby toothbrushes available in our collection such as Tiny Buds’ Kids Tooth Gel in assorted flavors. Pair it with a training toothbrush set from Nuk.

When it comes to newborn skincare products, Tiny Buds offer a bundle set of their Gone Away Natural Citronella Lotion, Gone Away Citronella Stick-On Patches, and After Bites Natural Soothing Gel for repelling mosquito bites.

Make baby grooming a breeze with all these baby care products you can get at Baby Company stores nationwide! Score discounts on select health and grooming items when you shop online. Explore our catalog of baby products and best brands via

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